Want to make a free Conference Call in India?...!

Are you looking for a bridge for arranging a conference call in India?

You are on the right place. This post tells you about one of the best services.

I am quite impressed with the service of www.sabsebolo.com. They are providing free conference call service where 10 people can be in a bridge. The audio clarity is very good and crystal clear without any break.

Also people can call to a local number which makes the cost of calling very low. Most important point is that it reduces the burden of a single peson calling all the attendees at his own expenditure.

  1. Go to www.sabsebolo.com

  2. Register with your mail id.

  3. Login with the email id and password.

  4. Create a new conference call schedule. Enter Date and Time of the call.

  5. Enter the mail ids of the recipients. This will send a mail with Conference Id and Password.

  6. Now you are done! Be ready for the conference call...
Thanks to Hotmail for providing such a great platform.

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