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Are we in need of Logo for our new business? You are in the right place. DesignEvo is the logo maker we need. DesignEvo is a online logo maker using this you can create wonderful logo for our business without any design knowledge.

DesignEvo is available for iOS, Mac and Android. For windows is yet to com. The software is very straight forward. One after register to their website or mobile software we have to select the logo template suits our business. In search box we can search based on niche of our business.

Once after we select the logo template we have to feed the business name and tag line our business. After that we have to align the logo elements by simple click, drag and drop. Then we have to download the created logo.

The service is offered based on 3 package. Free, Basic and Plus.
  1. Free: This is a free package in this we will get the final logo in jpg and png format in 500px.
  2. Basic: In this package we will get logo up to 5000px resolution.
  3. Plus: This is the advance package. Along with the basic package we can get the font files and copyright ownership along with high resolution PDF and SVG files.

Pros and Cons:
  1. No Technical Knowledge needed.
  2. User friendly interface, even a novice user can create a stunning logo.
  3. Lots of logo templates are available covering most of the business fields.
  4. High resolution logos are print friendly.
  5. No cons logos are created perfectly and usable.

The logo created by DesignEvo by us is below.
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Click here to create your own logo.

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