Oxwall Community Software Review...!


Oxwall Community Software:

This is our first review. Here we are going to review Oxwall community software. This is one of the available open-source communities Software. This software is helpful for creating portal for family, school, office etc. This software is easy to customize and easy for no wise user to understand the concepts and creating the site using oxwall.

  1. Easy installation both manual and by using scrip installer like Softaculous, Fantastisco.

  2. Easy to understand the concepts for newbie.

  3. Admin panel is easy to operate.

  4. Online chat to communicate between members.

  5. Easy to setup privacy settings

  6. Acceptance of membership by mail validation.

  7. Customizing profile options.

  8. Integration of facebook login for membership.

  9. Photos, Videos, Blog and Forum for effective social networking.

  10. Customizable layout.

  1. For site verification by google and other search engines you should have to edit .htaccess.

  2. The same issue is for accesing the sub domains.
We think this is for security purpose.


Overall Oxwall is nice software for family, college, office etc. Easy to use and even a nowise user can able to understand the admin panel easily and run an Oxwall powered community Site.

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