WordPress Vs Blogger - My Opinions...!


WordPress & Blogger are the most popular blogging platform used by the bloggers world wide. Both of them are easy to use. You may be viewed lot of comparison between this two platforms.  Here I am going to discuss about the things which I came to know while I experiment this 2 platforms.


It is the widely used blogging platform used by most bloggers wordlwide. It is available in 2 forms.

1. Self Hosted (WordPress.Org):

WordPress.Org is a opensource platform. We have to install it into our host either by manually or by using auto script installer like Softaculous. It is little bit harder for a newbie to understand its functionality. This is mainly used by professional bloggers and by many professional websites. In the sense it is very useful for creating both the static and dynamic website.

  1. It can be easily customized as per our needs.

  2. There is lot of plugins available for self hosted WordPress. So lot of functionality can be added to our site and can make it to look more functional. Eg: We can add forum, Chat etc using various plugins.

  3. We can either use our own domain or sub-domain for WordPress.

  4. Lot of themes are available. We can purchase lot of professional themes from the Internet.

2. WordPress.com extension:

WordPress.com is a free version of wordpress along with hosting but have wordpress.com extension. Unlike WordPress.org we can't customize WordPress.com as per our needs. Because it does not have plugins options.

We can use top level domain name with this. For that we have to pay certain amount. Lot of themes are available. It is easy to understand when compared to WordPress.org.


Blogger is one of the famous blogging tool. Which is powered by google. It is very easy to understand and blogs can be publish easily. We can use our own domain name, for that we have to pay for the domain. Lot of themes are available for blogger. It also has widgets. As it is hosted by google we need not to worry of any downtime.

Blogger is good for newbies, things are easy to learn with blogger when compared to WordPress.Org, but the disadvantage is we can't customized as per our needs. Always blog is the default page.

Both WordPress and Blogger are very good blogging platform. It is up to us whether to choose WordPress or Blogger based upon our website needs.

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