Terms of service…! (TOS)

Experts should strict to Learnfromnet.In TOS, Else account will be get deleted.

  1. is fully intented for knowledge transfer purpose (Educational Purpose). Apart from this nothing is entertained.
  2. Using copyright contents from other site is strictly prohibited. It includes cut, copy & paste content from other sites.
  3. All kind of advertising is prohibited.
  4. Knowledge transfer on all illegal activities like Hacking, Warez, Creating unwanted scripts etc… are not allowed.
  5. Sexual and adult content knowledge transfer are strictly prohibited.
  6. Knowledge transfer contents should be in your own way of explanation.
  7. Chat abuse is strictly prohibited. No bad words (or) illegal activity is not entertained. No spamming in chat rooms.
  8. Admin have the full rights over the posts made by the users. Post are only posted after admin verification. Posts which are not adhered to  Leanrfromnet.In TOS will not be published.
  9. Categories where the post has to be display is also decided by admin.
  10. Post with out user info, in it will be posted as admin post.
  11. Spamming is prohibited.
  12. No questions and answer against the TOS should not thread in forum. Admin have rights to decided which question and answer is acceptable in the forum.
  13. After viewing the site don’t forget to sign out form knowledge bank, Its your responsibility.

Stick to the TOS and have a nice knowledge gaining experience with us…!

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