What Makes a Good GMAT App...?

With the onset of technological advancement, the conventional methods of learning have been replaced with some newly-built swanky gadgets. App-based learning has made the entire learning process easy to comprehend for students and grasp the key concepts effortlessly. International competitive tests like GMAT, GRE, etc. are now available in the mobile app version too. As a matter of fact, GMAT apps are undoubtedly one of the most reliable and usable media for prospective management aspirants to kick-start their GMAT preparation. The course content in these apps is designed in an appropriate and user-friendly manner to cater to the needs and requirements of the potential GMAT applicants.

Since GMAT apps are easy to operate, candidates can study for the GMAT exam on their own as these apps are convenient and fun to use, besides being a wonderful reason to play around with your phone. As a management aspirant, you can club your personalized study plan along with a GMAT app like BYJU’S: The Learning App to upskill your knowledge, study complex concepts by watching relevant videos and stay upbeat with your GMAT preparation. Interestingly, good apps are an appealing way to stay focused on your GMAT prep without losing track of your study schedule.

Here are two main reasons which render a GMAT app effective and apt for use:

#1. User-friendly Interface: A GMAT app which is easy to use and navigate definitely makes it convenient for the applicant to locate information that he/she is looking out for and to select answers on practice questions. Since the app consists of relevant topic-wise videos, it makes it easier for them to understand complex concepts and recheck them whenever they want at the touch of their fingertips.

#2. Availability of Practice questions: A standard GMAT app generally consists of topic-wise practice questions which are in sync with the GMAT syllabus and content, and mimics the actual question paper pattern of the real GMAT exam. It gives the realistic feel of the actual GMAT test and helps the applicant to plan his/her GMAT prep accordingly.

Still wondering which GMAT app to use for your preparation? Get enrolled with BYJU’S, talk to our experts and you can download the BYJU’S: The Learning App to get started with your GMAT preparation in full swing. You can also subscribe to BYJU’S GMAT YouTube channel and check out the GMAT course demo link as given below:

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