Some Interesting facts to know about PPC...!

The adversities in the market for businesses are growing, the changing times has become very unpredictable. Global consequences are hampering the business environment which is already succumbing through enormous cut throat competition. However, despite certain odds things are getting more balanced and opportunities are opening up doors for everybody.

Likewise, a significant part of business which is known as marketing, without which a business cannot survive, can’t reach new height is also changing its dynamics rapidly. Paid advertising campaigns in Internet are increasingly becoming popular because of the dubious nature of social trends and changing algorithms pattern.

Pay per click has gained a substantial reputation for giving a quick turnaround to the business online presence and overall augmenting its recognition, online. Investing in PPC with the help of Best Digital Marketing Company  Gurgaon can change a business fortune over the due course of time and can give an upper hand in sales. However, remember everything is not rosy as it seems, you cannot afford to neglect an expert take on this. PPC is good but it doesn’t mean that it can bypass the online sales channel.

PPC Facts

Now, let’s look at some interesting facts about PPC: -

Inception in 2000: -
Google AdWords were first launched in the year 2000. AdWords were initially used as a platform for businesses to develop and manage ads where they charge monthly fee. In the year 2002, AdWords PPC was launched changing the entire discourse of digital marketing.

Paid ad click searches are on top: -
It’s true that organic SEO is better with unique keywords and well chalked strategy, however paid ad clicks basically outnumbers your organic click. Investing in paid ads are important, when you consider 41% of the clicks on the page goes to the 3 or 4 top ad spot.

User ignorance: -
Recent study conducted by well renowned researchers concluded that a typical netizen can’t recognize the difference between paid and organic search results. Due to the camouflage nature of the paid ads it is very difficult for them to recognize the difference. The results in ‘blessing in disguise’ moment for businesses. User ignorance has become a subtle bliss for businesses.

PPC ads leads to call: -
Having your number displayed in PPC ads increase your chances of getting leads considering the mobile search statistics report, around 52 % of the people who click PPC ads calls the advertiser.

Most clicks through mobile devices: -
A substantial chunk of clicks in PPC ads came from the mobile devices, nearly as 50 % of the click searches comes through mobile devices. Hence, you should take note of this and make sure your website being mobile friendly as you certainly don’t want to miss out this much large opportunity and you should optimize your ads properly for better quality score.

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I hope the above given facts about PPC is fascinating.

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