Fotor – Online Photo Editing Tool….!


Photo editing made simple with Fotor. Fotor is an online photo editing tool similar to Photoshop. We got an opportunity to work on Fotor. Here we are sharing our feedback on Fotor online photo editing tool.

Fotor have 5 categories for editing the photo.

1. Basic:
  • Tap Enhance: It will automatically adjust the color, tone, shadows, exposure etc.
  • Magic Clipper: It has option to remove the unwanted background from the photo.
  • Crop: To crop the photo.
  • Rotate: Using this option we can rotate the photo.
  • Basic- In this we can adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and sharpness.
  • Along with those above Fine Tune, Color, Vignette, Curves, Resize.

2. Effect: It has various effect templates. We can apply different filters using the effect category.

3. Beauty: To add beauty to our photo.

4. Frames: Using this we can add different for the photo.

5. Stickers: We can use different stickers on our photo using this category.

6. Text: We can add text like heading and content using this category.

7. Cloud: We can upload our photo and can use for future edits.

  • Easy to edit.
  • Functions are straight forward – Easy to understand and use.
  • Have different filters for various occasions.
  • Lots of beauty edits for eyes and mouth to make photo beautiful
  • Lots of beautiful fonts to use.
  • Frames has option for lot of professional frames.

  • Option for color balance is missing.
  • If option to reduce noise and smudge, it will be an added advantage.
  • Along with png and jpg, gif option is also needed.

For edit you photos using Fotor click here.

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