Create Android App For Your Website Using RSS Feeds…!


This is a simple tutorial, which let you understand how to Create Android App For Your Website Using RSS Feeds?.

Let’s see how to create the Android app using free online App generator Appyet. It’s an online Android app generator.
  • Visit Appyet and register your account. Then login to your Account.
  • Click on create app.
  • Click My Apps at the top and click details in the list.
  • In general section, enter the details of your Website app.
  • Then in module section click details of each and every module’s and disable it.
  • After that in new module click feed (RSS/Atom) and Click its details in the list.
  • Name the tab menu to your Website name and use your Logo in the general section.
  • Enter your RSS feed details in the feed section.
  • Choose the Themes and Build your app in the My Apps section.
  • You will get your app in your mailbox.
  • Install the app and check for its functionality.

Note:   Similarly you can add YouTube channel using YouTube channel feed.

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