Dissolved Oxygen in Drinking water...!


This is an important topic which deals with the one of the basic units of life "Water". Oxygen is an important gas which is required for all the basic activities of a cell. This oxygen is majorly contributed by the respiratory mechanism. But, the drinking water also plays a role in providing oxygen to the cell.

Dissolved oxygen:

As everyone knows, water (H2O) constitutes oxygen in its its structure. But this oxygen, is not freely available as it requires metabolic reactions to make it available to the cells. But there will be some oxygen molecules which are found between the water molecules. They are called Dissolved Oxygen.

Taste of Water:

Dissolved oxygen increases the taste of water. But it enhances the corrosion of metals. So, it is better to store water in Copper vessels, which makes some copper to dissolve in the water, which is one of the required important micronutrients for human body.

Types of Water:

Hard water: These are water which contains more minerals in it. These minerals reacts with the water molecule, thus reducing the bonding of free oxygen in it. This makes the hard water to carry less dissolved oxygen, thus reducing the taste of water.

Running water: Running water is much exposed to the oxygen and the minerals in it get settled down, which allows more oxygen to dissolve in it, making the water much tastier.

Packaged water: Purified water contains less oxygen in it. But to make it tastier, some are adding Hydrogen Peroxide to it which releases more oxygen, thus adding taste to the water. Effects of adding hydrogen peroxide is not known.

Boiled Water: Water at higher temperature loses all the dissolved gases in it. Thus it reduces the taste and the released oxygen results in the corrosion of the metal (vessel) in which it is boiling. It is not advisable to drink boiled water as it is. It is better to shake the water exposing it to more oxygen which makes the water tastier.

Dissolved Oxygen and Health:

Water with more dissolved oxygen allows the cells to perform more actively. Also, there are few impacts on Allergic and Asthma patients. Use of sand filter is recommended.

Know your environment and live a healthy life without affecting the nature!

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