Adding google translate in wordpress...!

This is a simple tutorial to show - How to add google translate in to your website. Many of us think that for wordpress we need plugin for each & everything. There are ways by which we can implement Html & Javascript code into wordpress without plugin. For this we have to use text widget in side bar and have to place the code into it. If you don't want user not to aware of this simply left the text widget title Textbox blank, So it will not display in the sidebar but the implemented code will work fine.

Procedure to add google translate:
  1. Visit

  2. Make setting how you want to use translate.

  3. Preview and copy the code

  4. Place the code into the Text widget of the wordpress

  5. Don't name the title of the text widget else it will show empty title in your website sidebar.

  6. Save the Text widget

Now your site will have a wonderful google translate in your website. Advantage of this is user from different country can understand your website in their language.

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