Some of the Famous Inventions...!


Albert Einstein: Inventor of general theory of relativity, and his work on the photoelectric effect.

Charles Babbage:  Inventor of the first mechanical computer.

Karl Benz:  Inventor of the gasoline-powered automobile.

Marconi(Italy): Inventor of the wireless.

Hoffmann-La Roche(Switzerland): Inventor of the LCD (liquid crystal display) in the year 1970.

Elmer A. Sperry(America): Inventor of the Gyrocompass in the year 1905.

Dr. Robert Jarvik(America): Inventor  of the Heart implanted in human, permanent artificial in the year 1982.

Rontgen(Germany): Inventor of the X-ray plant.

Willem Kolft: Inventor of the Heart(temporary artificial) in the year 1957.

Edwin L. Drake(America): Invented the oil well in the 1859.

Narinder Kapany(England): Inventor of the Fiber optics in the year 1955.

Edmund Halley(England): Inventor of the Halley's Comet in the year1705.

Laszlo Biro: Inventor of the modern ballpoint pen.

William H. Perkin(England): Inventor of the dye in  the year 1856.

Thomas Kibble: Inventor of the Cosamic string theory in the year 1976.

Igor Sikorsky(America): Inventor of the  helicopter(single rotor) in the year 1939.

Heinrich Focke(Germany): Inventor of the helicopter(double rotor) in the 1936.

Wolfgang Pauli(Germany): Inventor of the Exclusion principle in the year 1925.

Sir Joseph J. Thompson(England): Inventor of the  Electron in the year 1897.

Harvey: Inventor of the blood circulation in the year 1628.

Ohm: Inventor of the electric resistance in the year 1825.

Clarence Birdseye:  Inventor of the modern frozen food industry.

Coolidge: Inventor of the electric lamp with tungsten filament in the year 1914.

Louis Agassiz(Swiss-American): Inventor of the Ice age theory in the year 1840.

Swinton(England): Inventor of the military tank in the year 1914.

William Friese-Greene:  Inventor of cinematography.

Volta : Inventor of the electric battery in the year 1807.

J.L.Baird(England): Inventor of the television in the year 1926.

Henry Mill: Inventor of the typewriter in the year 1714.

Nils Bohlin:  Inventor of safety belts.

Sir William Ramsay: Inventor of the argon(Inert gas).

Darwin: Inventor of the theory of evolution.

Louis Braille: Inventor of the Braille system.

John Browning: Inventor of modern automatic and semi-automatic firearms.

Bartolomeo Cristofori: Inventor of the Piano.

Friedrich Meischer(Germany): Inventor of the DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid).

Holland(America): Inventor of the submarine in the year 1900.

Leonardo da Vinci:  Inventor of Strut Bridge, the automated bobbin winder, the machine for testing the tensile strength of wire and the lens-grinding machine.

Cosmetics: Invented by Egypt, 4000 B.C.

Christian Schönbein(Germany): Inventor of ozone in the year 1839.

Lister: Inventor of the Antiseptic in the year 1867.

Johannes Kepler: Inventor of the Planetary motion in the year 1609,1619.

J.Priestley: Inventor of the oxygen.

Felix Hoffman : Inventor of the aspirin in the year 1899.

William Kennedy Dickson: Inventor of an early motion picture camera. 

Galileo(Italy):I nventor of the telescope in the year 1593.

René Descartes(France)and Pierre de Fermat(Switzerland): Inventor of the Probability theory in the year 1654.

Tycho Brahe(Denmark): Inventor of the Star catalog(first modern) in the year1572.

Jan Ingenhousz(Holland): Inventor of the Plant respiration and photosynthesis in the year 1779.

Rudolf Diesel: Inventor of compression ignition engine. 

Benjamin Franklin(America): Inventor of the Lens, bifocal in the 1760.

Jean Bernard Foucault(France): Invented the Rotation of Earth in the year 1851.

Ritty (America): Inventor of the  accounting machine in the year 1879.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich: Established in the year 1675 by Charles II of England.

Karl Jansky(America): Inventor of the Radio waves in the year 1932.

George Eastman: Inventor the roll film, became the basis for the invention of motion picture films.

C.V Raman(India): Inventor of raman effect in the year 1929.

Jenner: Inventor of the vaccination.

Thomas Edison:  Inventor of several devices like the electric light bulb and the phonograph. 

Hyalt(America): Inventor of the Celuloid Printing in the year 1870.

Willem Einthoven:  Inventor of the first practical electrocardiogram also known as ECG. 

Zeppelin(Germany): Inventor of the zeppelin in the year 1908.

Benjamin Franklin(America): Inventor of the lightning rod in the year 1752.

Douglas Engelbart: Inventor of the computer mouse.

Linus Yale(America): Inventor of the lock,cylinder in the year 1851.

Michael Faraday: Inventor of the dynamo, Faraday's rotator, Faraday's cage, Faraday's law of induction and of course the unit Faraday.

Alexander Fleming:  Inventor of antibiotic Penicillin in1928. He also discovered the enzyme lysozyme in 1922.

Charles Wheatstone(England): Inventor of the microphone in the year 1827.

Metric system:  Invented by revolutionary government of France, 1790–1801.

Brearley(England): Inventor of the stainless steel in the year 1914.

Johann Galle(Germany): Inventor of the neptune in the year 1846.

Alfred Nobel(Sweden): Inventor of the dynamite in the year 1867.

Clarence W. Lillehie(America): Inventor of the pacemaker in the year 1957.

Dennis Gabor: Inventor of the holography.

James Chadwick(England): Inventor of the neutron in the year 1932.

Louis S. Lenormand(France): Inventor of the parachute in the year 1783.

Pascal (France): Inventor of adding machine in the year 1642.

Alexander Graham Bell(America): Inventor of the telephone in the year 1876.

Bette Nesmith Graham:  Inventor of Liquid Paper.

Bardeen, Cooper, Scheiffer(America): Inventor of the Superconductivity in the year 1957.

Antony Hewish and Jocelyn Bell Burnel(England): Inventor of the pulsars in the year 1967.

Diesel(Germany): Inventor of the diesel engine in the year 1893.

Elias Howe: Inventor of the sewing machine. 

Denis Papin(France): Inventor of the Pressure cooker in the 1679.

Max Planck(Germany): Inventor of the Quantum theory(general) in the year 1900.

Robert Goddard(America): Inventor of the rocket (liquid-fueled) in the year 1926.

Whitcomb L. Judson: Inventor of the forerunner of the modern zipper in 1893, which was called the clasp-locker.

Richard Drew(America): Inventor of the “Scotch” tape in the year 1929.

Wohler: Inventor of the aluminium.

Backland(America):  Inventor of the bakelite in the year 1908.

John Harvey Kellogg:   Inventor of the cornflakes breakfast cereal with help from his brother Will Keith Kellogg.

Rene Laennec: Inventor of the stethoscope. 

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek: Known as the father of Microbiology. He also created over 400 different types of microscopes. 

Charles Mackintosh: Inventor of waterproof fabrics. 

John Dalton(America): Inventor of the atomic theory in the year 1945.

Mont Golfor(France): Inventor of the balloon in the year 1783.

Guglielmo Marconi: Inventor of the radiotelegraph system. 

Dmitri Mendeleev: Creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements. 

Torriceli(Italy): Inventor of the barometer in the year 1643.

Robert Moog: Inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

William Friese-Greene:  Inventor of cinematography.

Tennant (England): Inventor of the bleaching powder in the year 1798.

Macmillan(Scotland): Inventor of the bicycle in the year 1839.

Samuel Morse: Inventor of the single wire telegraph system, and co-invented the Morse code.

Pasteur: Invented the treatment for rabbies in the year in the year 1882.

Merganthaler(America): Inventor of the linotype in the year 1885.

Chadwick: Inventor of the neutron in the year 1932.

James Naismith:  Inventor of the popular sport of basketball and is also credited with inventing the first football helmet.

Colt(America): Inventor of the revolver in the year 1837.

Isaac Newton: Inventor of the gravitation of the earth in the year 1687.

Madame Curie(France): Inventor of the radium in the year 1903.

Nicephore Niepce: Inventor of photography.

Otis(America): Inventor of the elevator in the year 1852.

Bessemer(England): Inventor of the steel in the year 1858.

Hans Christian Orsted: Invented the relationship between electricity and magnetism known as electromagnetism.

Stanley: Inventor of the electric transformer in the year 1885

Michelson: Inventor of the velocity of light in the year 1902.

Les Paul:  Inventor of the solid-body electric guitar. 

Bunsen(Germany): Inventor of the gas strove in the year 1855.

Waterman(America): Inventor of the fountain pen in the year 1864.

John Pemberton: Inventor of Coca-Cola.

Senefelders(Bohemia): Inventor of the lithography in the year 1798.

Thomson(America): Inventor of the electric welding in the year 1869.

Korn(Germany): Inventor of the wire photo in the year 1902.

James Leonard Plimpton: Inventor roller skates in 1863.

Dunlop(Ireland): Inventor of the pneumatic tyre in the year 1884.

Gatling: Inventor of the machine gun in the year 1861.

Charles Francis Richter:  Inventor of the Richter magnitude scale, which is used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes. 

Fahrenheit(France):  Inventor of the thermometer(with mercury) in the year 1781.

Carothers(America):  Inventor of the nylon in the year 1937.

Erno Rubik: Inventor of the popular mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Magic and Rubik's Snake.

Robert Whitehead: Inventor of the  torpedo in the year 1867.

Thimonnier(France): Inventor of the sewing machine in the year 1830.

Huygens(Holland): Inventor of the pendulum clock in the year 1656.

Adolphe Sax: Inventor of the saxophone. 

Koch:Inventor of the tuberculosis bacteria in the year 1882.

Igor Sikorsky:   Inventor of the world's first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft.

Gillette(America): Inventor of the safety razor in the year 1904.

Levi Strauss:  Inventor of the blue jeans. 

Kitasato: Inventor of the plague bacilli in the year 1894.

Hargreve(England): Inventor of the spinning jenny in the year 1736.

Eberth: Inventor of the typhoid bacilli in the year 1880.

Stevenson(England): Inventor of the steam loco in the year 1829.

Percy Spencer: Inventor of the microwave oven.

Nicolair: Inventor of the Tetanus Germs in the year 1880.

Edward Teller:  Inventor of the hydrogen bomb. 

Davy(England): Inventor of the miner'slamp in the year 1815.

Theophilus Van Kannel:  Inventor of the revolving door. 

Valdemar Poulsen(Denmark): Inventor of the Tape recorder(magnetic steel tape) in the year 1899.

Rohm Korff(Germany): Inventor of the Induction coil in the year 1851.

Charles F. Richter(America): Inventor of the Richter scale in the year 1935.

Benjamin Holt(America): Inventor of the tractor in the year 1900.

Alessandro Volta:  Inventor of the electric cell. 

Chester Carlson(America): Inventor of the xerography in the year 1938.

John Bardeen, Walter H. Brattain, William B. Shockley(America): Inventor of the Transistor in the year1947.

Guttenburg(Germany): Inventor of the metal type in the year 1450.

Goodyear: Inventor of the vulcanizing in the year 1839.

Eli Whitney:  Inventor of the cotton gin.

Fermi: Invented the splitting of the atom, generation of electricity etc.

Windmill:  Invented by Persia, c.600.

Wright Brothers(America): Inventor of the first successful airplane in the year 1903.

Philips Co.,( Netherland): Inventor of the video disk in the year1972.

J.C.Bose: Inventor of the crescograph.

Arthur Wynne: Inventor of the crossword puzzle in 1913.

Zero:  Invented by India, c.600; (absolute zero temperature, cessation of all molecular energy) William Thompson, Lord Kelvin, England, 1848.

Ives(America): Inventor of the half-tone engraving and colour photography in the year 1892.

By: Palani Kumar...

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