Send From E-Mail Wordpress 3.3.1...!

This is a simple tutorial to change the send from e-mail of wordpress to your domain e-mail. Instead of using plugins it is very simple only editing of codes in 3 places alone needed. The file for editing is pluggable.php. The file is located in /wp-includes/pluggable.php in the file manager of your website.

Things to be edited:

1. For changing the wordpress to domain name, rename wordpress  in line 309 ($from_name = 'Wordpress';) to your domain name ($from_name = 'domain name';).

2. For changing the e-mail address instead of [email protected] to your domain e-mail id replace wordpress@ in lines 326 & 1043 to your e-mail preffix. Eg., admin@. Preffix should be your valid e-mail preffix.

Line may be vary for your pluggable.php, for better result search & replace. It is advised to take backup of your pluggable.php before editing.

Now the new register user can receive e-mail send from your domain name and your domain e-mail instead of default wordpress name & e-mail.

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