Best Fully 100% Free VPN To Stay Online Securely…!


VPN means Virtual Private Network, which is a method where an user can browse securely by masking the real IP of their network and stay safe from prying eyes. VPN will create a virtual IP in the user system and it let the user to access the content restricted in their location.

Most of the famous VPN  like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Hide.Me VPN are costly. Here we are going to learn how to create a VPN setup fully free and how to access the location based restricted content.
Fully free VPN can be possible with the help of VPNBook and a tool OpenVPN.


  • Go to  VPNBook.
  • The go to page Free Vpn.
  • Download the Certificates as per your requirement under Free OpenVPN.
  • Note: OpenVPN password will change frequently. So if you password is not working go to the VPNBook website to get the updated Username and Password. Only Euro location VPN certificates supports p2p protocol.
  • Then download the free VPN client from OpenVPN.
  • Install the software and run as you install other windows applications.
  • Find the installed software in the notification area.
  • Right click and import downloaded VPNBook certificates.
  • Then follow the above step again and connect the installed certificate.
  • Visit and check you default IP got changed.
  • If if shows the different location from your current location you are safe to browse.
  • Know your feedback in the comment section.

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