Wordpress Essential Plugins...!

Hi All, Wordpress is the most widely used CMS & Blog tool nowadays. It is more user friendly even the people who don't know Html, PHP coding can create a wonderful professional website using wordpress like Me. In this article I am going to give briefy intro about the various plugins used in this site to make is more professional.

Note: This plugins are supported only in wordpress.org installed wordpress and not for wordpress.com, As wordpress.com won't support plugins.

Plugin installation:
  1. You can install plugin automatically using Plugins-->Add New-->Search for Plugin-->Install. After Installation you have to activate them.

  2. You can also install manually by uploading and extracting the zip folder in to the plugin directory, Which is found inside wp-contents folder of your website file manager. (Note: In this you have to activate the plugin manually in the install plugin under plugins menu in wordpress)
Note:  Some plugins has to be set in widgets area and for some in pages using short code. See plugin details during installation to understand how to make it work.

Short codes:

This are codes eg: [example] which has to be added in pages for plugin to work. Shortcodes are mentioned in plugins details under installation menu.

Lets see about the plugins,

1. Backup wordpress:

This is the tool for backuping your wordpress files and database. It will be helpful when you plan to change your hosting or move your contents to another domain. Another advantage is it will mail the backup files to your mail id.

2. Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

This is one of the plugin which helps you to arrange the categories of you wordpress. It is very simple, you can arrange simply by dragging the categories in the order which you like.

3. Custom Page Order

This plugin is similar to previous plugin, but it is used to arrange the pages. In wordpress pages you created will act as navigation menu. By using this plugin you can arrange them in an order you like.

4. Exclude Pages from Navigation

I early mentioned pages are consider as navigation menu in wordpress, by using this tool you can exclude the pages that appearing from navigation menu.  For that you have to uncheck-  include in pages in your pages, before you publish it.

5. Facebook Fanbox (with CSS Support)

This is an wonderful tool to display your facebook fans in the sidebar. In this tool you can set the width and height to match your side bar.

6. Fast Secure Contact Form

This is for providing contact form to your website. In this you can use 4 different forms with different inputs. Advantage in using this is input field can be modified as per our needs. recaptcha is also available. Each for have its own short codes. We have to plact them in its corresponding page.

7. Page Columnist

This tool is very helpful when you use wordpress as a CMS. i.e you can post pages & post in columns. After activating this plugin while posting pages are post you can assingn how it have to look in your website.

8. Post Layout

This is the plugin for ad purpose. In this plugin we can post ad scripts from google adsense, bidvertiser, adhitz etc...

9. Quick Chat

This is the plugin to have chat in your website. It can be activated in any page using the short code.

10. Recent Tweets

It is the plugin used to publish your recent tweets in the sidebar of your website from your twitter account.

11. Tal.ki Embeddable Forums

It is the plugin used to embed Talki forum in your website. Just activating this plugin will create a forum page. Advantage is user can sign in the forum using their facebook account.

12. Theme My Login

It is a effective plugin for registering in your website with your theme interface. This plugin has a sidebar widget for login. We can even decide how re-direction should take place while login & logout.

13. uCan Post

This a plugin allow visitor to post in your website. It needs admin approval for publishing the post.

14. WordPress Social Ring

This plugin is useful for sharing your post by viewers in to their social network like Twitter, Facebook & Googleplus.

15. WP-AutoSocial

It is a tremendous plugin to post your articles in Twitter and Facebook page in the real time. For that you have to create facebook & Twitter apps. Which is clearly mentioned in its tutorials.

This all are the plugins which make Learnfromnet.In to work successfully...!

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