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Some of the important fields of civil laws in India:

i) Civil suits

The field of civil suits being very wide, scope of civil suits in Indian civil law system is very important. The entire litigation at the lower courts level is through the civil suits which are mainly civil injunctions, permanent injunction, and mandatory injunction, declaratory suits of various kinds. All kinds of property disputes are mainly decided through civil suits.

ii) Injunctions

the most important field of Indian civil law services in India is injunction in civil laws. The scope of injunction is very wide and injunction suits are filed before the courts seeking the restraint against a party from doing any apprehended act which may cause loss or damage to the person approaching the court who is called Plaintiff. Injunction can also be filed against any party for performing any kind of act which he is under obligation to do but has failed to perform. The main types of Injunctions filed in the Indian civil courts are Mandatory Injunction, Permanent Injunction.

iii) Civil recoveries

civil recovery suits have very wide ambit and legal implications and all kind of money recoveries can be covered under civil recoveries. Civil recoveries are filed not only for recovery of money from the creditors but also for recovering damages against the act of a party which has led to damage in any form which can be calculated in terms of money.

iv) Civil notices

Notice is issued for correcting the wrong being done by the party concerned. The wrong doer is provided an opportunity to restrain himself from doing the wrong or to rectify the wrong done by him. Civil notice have very important role in the entire Indian civil law system as the process of filing of any kind of civil suit, civil injunction commences with the issuance of notice on behalf of the party concerned. The civil notice in fact becomes the foundation of the case hence civil notice should not be issued casually.


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