Why sharing knowledge is important?...!

Do you agree or not every human in the world have some sort of knowledge. We can't say only educated people have knowledge. With out knowledge no human can survive. Knowledge level of peoples may vary but it doesn't mean one is more knowledgeable than other.

The knowledge what we have nowadays is mainly from 3 things, they are from

  1. What we see - This is the knowledge that we obtained by seeing the things happening around us.

  2. What we hear - This is the knowledge we obtained from what others say.

  3. What we read - This is the knowledge we obtained from reading books

Most of the people have thought real education is what we get from school. But as per us even simple cooking we learnt from parents is also a way of education, without knowing proper ingredients  of a dish no one can become a great cook. But unfortunately this knowledge is not spreading outwards. If this knowledge is spread across the world every one will become a good cook.

The above example clearly says why knowledge sharing essential. Like the above example almost most of the knowledge gained by people are not getting exposed. Some knowledge which one gained may be of simple but we are sure it will be helpful for some other. Knowledge can't be valued. Every knowledge we gained have their own values.

We are taking our first step to avoid knowledge getting wasted. We are requesting each and every people to share their knowledge with us. So what we gained can be helpful to others. By doing this we are not going to loose anything. Instead we are going to lighten up the knowledge in some one's mind.

You can share any kind of knowledge which you learnt from your life, which you hear etc..., you are also welcome to welcome to share your subject knowledge so students can get benefit. Expecting an interactive way of knowledge sharing.



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