How to install Joomla 1.6 in local host...?

This is a simple tutorial to installing the joomla on local computer using xampp.

1. Download the Joomla Package, Unpack it.

2. Download the xampp and install it, start it. When the control panel of xampp
showing apache and mysql is running you can go to next step.......

3. Show your browser to "http://localhost" or "", now you will see
the start page of xampp. Select your language, click the PhpMyAdmin from the left menu.

4. Create a database, lets name it "joomla".

5. Create a directory for joomla site in side the "htdocs" directory of joomla, lets name the directory "myjoomla" .

6. Copy all the unpacke joomla files inside the directory you have just created (myjoomla).

7. Show your browser to "http://localhost/myjoomla", now you will see the installtion page of joomla.

8. Click Next and enter the database details

Host name : localhost
Database name : joomla
User Name : root
Password : just leave it empty

9. Click Next, enter you email and password for the backend administrator

10. Click next, Now it is almost complete, it says delete the installation directory, ok delete it which is in the myjoomla directory inside the "htdocs" directory.

11. Congratulation! it is done, show your browser to "http://localhost/myjoomla now you will see your joomla site.

-- Awadhesh Dammani

By: Awadhesh

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