Basic SEO and Website Promotion for Blogger Newbie…!

Basic Seo


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is done to make our Website to appear in the search results. If our Websites get displayed in top results, possibility of visitors to our Website becomes high.

Meta Tag:

MetaTag give information about our Website. For eg: If our Website is about poems, we can give description about that and add Keywords related to it in the Meta Tag. It helps search engine to know about our Website contents.

In blogger go to Template à Edit Html

After <meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>

Paste the following code:

<meta content='Youre Website Description Goes Here'name='description'/>
<meta content='Your Website Related Keywords – Separate keywords by ,' name='keywords'/>

Title Tag:

It is used to show how our Website title will appear in search results. Create unique Website title for better results. Small length title gives better results.

Unique Contents:

Unique content brings more visitors and increase page view of our Website. Not to copy and paste contents from others Website.

If we are struggling to get topic for your content, we can visitquestion answer Websites like yahoo answers. From that we can get an idea what people are looking for. So if we create our content based on that it will increase our Website visitors. By answering question in Yahoo Answer based on the contents in our Website and mention the source to our Website can increase Website traffic.

Post content in simple and easily understandable manner, it will attract more visitors to our Website.

Before posting articles we have to do research in web and reading books and create our own articles based on our learning, not to copy and paste as it is from the source.

Search Engine Submission:

Have to submit our Website in various search engines; it will help our Website to get indexed for showing it in its search results. We can submit our Website in various search engines

Using Website Map:

Using XML site map will ping the search engines about the content update in our Website and your Website will get indexed. For Google we can submit your Website site map in webmaster tools

For Blogger adding site can be explained in

Using Alt Tag for Images:

To give information about the images in our Website we have to use Alt Tag. It has to be added after Img  Tag.

<img src="Image Source" alt="About Image" />

In Blogger we can add Alt Tag to Images in the Html view of the New Post after the Image Source after adding the Images.

Website Promotion:

Promoting our Website will get more visitors to our Website. Let’s see some of the commonly used method to promote our Website:

Spread Through Mouth:

The best way to promote our Website is through our mouth. That is by promoting to our friends, relatives etc by saying about our Website to them.

Social Network:

Social Network is one of the effective ways to promote our website.


We can promote our Website by creating Facebook page for it and promoting it through our Facebook status and friends.


We can promote it in twitter by creating a account for our page and tweeting our Website contents in it.

We can directly post our Website content updates in Facebook and Twitter using

Other Social Network we can use to promote our Website are Slumbleupon, Digg etc…

Forum Posting:

Some Forums will allow using signature. We can post thread in those kind of Forums and use our Website name in the signature.

We can review our site in Forums like, etc…

The Forum which we are going to post should relate to our Website contents.


By commenting in others Website contents we can get Backlink to our Website. Comment should not be done for name sake. Comment should be useful so it can bring visitors to our Website. If we do inappropriate comments there are chances for our comment to consider as spam.

Guest Post:

By doing guest post in other Website will bring good number of visitor to our Websites.

Join Blogger Network:

Other effective way to promote our Website is by joining Blogger Network like etc…

Through this we can interact and have friendship with other Webmasters. We can share our ideas and promote our Website.

Email Signature:

By mentioning our Website in our Email Signature will also bring visitor to our Website in certain ways.

Banner Exchange/Link back:

There are many free banner exchanges are there can bring traffic.

Most of the free Traffic exchanges will bring Traffic to our Website but they will not bring stable visitors to our Website.

Using Ad Network:

We can also promote our Website using various Ad Network like Google Adwords, Chithika, Adsgadget etc... Either by PPC or CPM campaign. But we have to pay for that.

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