Free Wordpress Blog With Domain Mapping…!

Blogetery - Free Wordpress

Good news for Bloggers, who are looking for free Wordpress Blog with the custom domain mapping.

Normally for a Wordpress Blog for our own domain we need either Web host to self host our Wordpress Blog or we have to buy a domain name with which cost around $18 per month.

How you feel when you get a free Wordpress hosting along with custom domain mapping?...

Yes it is possible along with Blogetery is a free Wordpress hosting which allows its user to create a free Wordpress Blog either using their subdomain or using users own domain.

What we get in free Wordpress hosting by Blogetery?..

1. Free Wordpress hosting.

2. Free Domain or Sub-domain Mapping.

3. 140 + Free themes.

4. 40 + Plugins.

It is good for Newbie’s who can’t spend money from their pocket to have a Wordpress Blog.

To map your custom domain,

In Wordpress Dashboard, Tools --> Domain Mapping and add you custom domain. After that add a cname in your domain as

We can also free domains from and domains to map with Blogetery. By this we can get completely free Website or Blog.

Blogetery is really a blessing for Newbie’s who want to have their Wordpress Blog completely free.

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