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Recently we conducted an interview with Esha Upadhyay of!

We are Happy to share our interview with Udinra to all bloggers in this Blogosphere…!

About Udinra:

Knowledge should be free is main tag line of Udinra. Helping Individuals create online business and promoting India is aim of this site

India and Technology (mainly blogging,freelancing tips) and wordpress.

Interview Details:

Question: What made you to enter in to Blogosphere?.

Answer: While surfing internet I realized India has been not represented as much as that of other countries. I wanted to highlight India and write posts on it (you can find on localities of USA or other developed countries on net but not India).Adding to that providing free knowledge was another aim. So I created this blog to provide minor details about India and also helping individuals find free knowledge. Going forward I will also add freelancer help section and government exam free help section (help on some has already started).

Question: When and how you started your first Blog?.

Answer: I started one year back when my husband bought web space and domain name as my birthday gift.

Question: What are the suggestions you like to give for Newbie Bloggers?.

Answer: There are lots of spam website on net proving misleading info. Beware of them. Also think of a topic you are interested in and willing to learn as time progresses. There is no quick money so take it as 2-5 year investment (money + effort) in ratio 20% to 80 %.

Question: What are the hurdles you faced while starting a blog?.

Answer: I had to choose a platform and also learn WordPress along with some web optimization and search engine optimization.

Question: What are the essential things we have to consider while starting a Blog?.

Answer: Start with shared hosting (least money plan)

Choose a good hosting provider (good if you choose Indian)

Blog about topic you are interested

Do not go for spam techniques or no need for any massive optimization. Google will find you (I got my first page indexed and ranked without any major optimization)

Question: What’s your view on Education and the role of Blogging on Education?.

Answer: Definitely it can play great role with lots of youngsters moving to internet it can help. I myself got many queries on few government exam (I had posts on them).Also some of posts were top posts on exam days. I should say this is one of my aim (provide free preparatory and study guides to students (Linux, government exams and other open source softwares). Few of them are achieved few left .I also saw your website based on this theme as well.

Question: What are the ways you used to promote your Blog?.

Answer: Only social media like Facebook, Google plus and twitter (which also helps me connect to individuals and sort their queries).Apart from these use Bing and Google webmaster for site optimization. With time people will share your content if they like it and blog gets self promoted so content should be good.

Question: Do you think Blogging is an effective ways to share our thought? If yes how?.

Answer: Yes it is. You can write your thoughts and share with the world. Also comments from people help you understand their point of view. In my opinion it is cheapest way to share and hear thoughts on topics of your liking.

Question: Is there any embarrassing moment you faced in your Blogging life?.

Answer: Site got hacked once

Question: Please tell us about any 2 Blogs you admired?.

Answer: I refer to check what he is using (like tags).It is good place to check out. for search engine optimization related posts.

Question: If you want to add anything additionally you can add below:

Answer: There is no quick money blogging specially for Indian bloggers with major traffic from India. It takes time for your blog to gain popularity. Also no need for spam techniques.

Above all I myself is learning it and all above are based on my experience. 

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