Website Monetization For Newbies Or New Websites..!


Here we are going to see 2 ad networks which works well for Newbies and New Websites. Most of the ad network won't accept website with low impressions. This 2 adworks accept most of the sites with quality content and less traffic.

1. Yepty – In-Text Ad network.


It is very similar to Infolinks ad network. That is keywords in your website are convert to advertiser link. Whenever a user click the link they are redirected to the advertiser page.

Good alternative for other In-Text ads.

Ads Type: In-Text, In Image, Slider and Ad Line.
Payment Mode: Paypal.
Monetization Type: PPC.
Minimum Payout: $ 0.01 they pay twice a month.
Accept worldwide publishers.

For Website requirements visit their terms page.

To join Click Here.

Yepty was discontinued :(

2. Adsgadget - Rebranded To Qadabra - Banner and Pop Up Ad Network.

Qadabra - Adsgadget

Recently they have rebranded to Qadabra.

The way of monetization is by Banner and Pop Up ads. Registeration is simple. They are not having any limitations for site traffic, In the sense low traffic website can also work with them.

Good for Banner and Pop Up new publishers.

Ads Type: Banner and Pop Up.
Payment Mode: Paypal and Wire Transfer.
Monetization Type: PPC and CPM (ecpm model). Adsgadget pay net 45 days.
Minimum Payout: There is $1 minimum payout for Paypal. For Wire transfer $ 500 minimum payout.
Accept worldwide publishers.

For Website requirements visit their FAQ page.

To join Click Here.

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