YOUTUBE – Something You Should Know…!


Many of us know Youtube and it is the well known video sharing powered by Google. But there are many facilities which are not know by many of us. Here we are going to discuss some of the features of Youtube.

1.  Youtube 3D – yt3d

3D cinemas are very popular nowadays. Youtube also have an option for viewing 3D videos. All of the videos are not 3D. For viewing the 3D videos in Youtube you have to search as yt3d videos in Youtube. The D videos have D options.

Some of the 3D options are
  • Red/Cyan (Analgraph Video) - Can view using 3D glasses.
  • Side by side
  • No Glasses:
Youtube - 3d

Do you know u can you can view 3D videos without having any 3D glasses?. Yes you can in youtube there is an option called No Glasses format. Two set of same video taken in different angles play at a same time. View the video by cross our eyes seeing our nose tip and watch the video. So that we can feel the 3D effect.
This type of watching 3D without glasses is called Sterioscopic or Crossed Eye technique.

Below image show how to watch 3D videos without wearing glasses.

Crossed Eye


There is a translation feature in Youtube. It is shown as cc in the video. All the video is not having this feature. Translation is provided only in English language. It can be used as subtitle also.

If you came with this kind of features in Youtube leave your comment.

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