Few Essential Android Apps One Should Have In Their Smartphone…!


Security & Optimization:
Psafe Total – It is one of the best all in one security we used. It contains most of the security features one expect from a security software and its free. The features bundled in the Psafe Total are:
Quick Optimization: Its will optimize you mobile phone for better performance.
  • Vault: It is to prevent access of the apps which you don’t want others to access with a password.
  • Cleanup: It is to free up the ram for better performance.
  • Antivirus: It has a very effective antivirus which will keep virus away from your smartphone.
  • Antitheft: It consists of a powerful antitheft tool which will help you to locate your smartphone when someone steals it. You can erase the data from your smart phone, locate it etc.
  • Call/Sms blocking: It has an option to block unwanted Call and Sms.

Download: Psafe Total

Web Browser:
UC Browser: Very effective web browser for smooth and fastest web browsing experience. It has a fast FB add-on which help you to browse FaceBook fast even in 2g networks. You can block ads to save data.

Download: UC Browser

Messenger App:
Whatsapp: An innovative app to chat using your mobile network free of cost with othr whatsapp user for one year after that 0.99$ per year. Soon free whatsapp to Whatsapp calling will be introduced. You can create group with family and friends to have an unlimited conversation.

Download: Whatsapp

Telegram: It’s the free alternative for whatsapp. Its more secure and secret chat option is also there. In which message will be auto deleted after a particular time set by you, once after user see the message. You can create a group with 200 participants. Apart from that you can send files like pdf using Telegram.

Download: Telegram

Messenger Im:  It is one of the social chat clients to chat with your Gmail and Facebook friends. It use you mobile phone resource very less suitable even for old Smartphones. Keep in touch with your friends with Messenger Im.

Download: Messenger Im

Messagease Keyboard: Here we don’t want to speak about the commonly used Keyboard among people. Messagease is a unique innovative keyboard meant for its speed. But we have to undergo some deep learning curve to get familiar with this keyboard. Once learned you feel the magic. Good for frequent texters.

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