How to add CloudFlare account to your Blogger / Blogspot hosted website?...!


CloudFlare is one of the well know CDN service. CDN Stands for Content Delivery Network. The role of CDN is to cache your website static content and store them in their various datacenters. When users access your site it will be display from the nearby datacenter for the users. Help to reduce the site loading time.

In this tutorial we will see how to add CloudFlare account to our Blogger / Blogspot hosted website step by step.

Note: This will work only if you purchased domain apart from google and link your blogger account to it. It will not work for blogspot subdomains. Don’t forget to take backup all of your Nameservers, MX Records, CName, Txt Records etc… before proceeding.

1. Go to CloudFlare website and register with them using your email id.

2. In CloudFlare dashboard enter your domain name and add your website.

3. Once you added your domain it will look for your DNS settings.

4. Please verify all the details are correct by comparing with your domain backend DNS settings.

5. If details are missing add it manually. Then click continue.

6. In the next page choose you plan and click continue.

7. CloudFlare will provide a Nameservers.

8. Replace your domain Nameservers with the CloudFlare Nameservers

Wait few hours for propagation to take place. Later check your website using domain look up online tools like Hypestat for Nameserver change. Once it got updated your site is now powered by CloudFlare. If you have any queries feel free to ask us in our comment section.

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