Do Learning, Do Blogging, Do Earning…!


There is a Tamil proverb – “What we learned is of sand in hands and what we yet to learn are of earth”. Learning is the base of knowledge.  Learning is not limited to what we learn in our schools, colleges or university. Whatever led us as to gain knowledge comes under learning.

This article is about how to gain knowledge, make the world to learn from what we learned through blogging and earn some money from our learning through blogging.

Do learning…!
Every day is a new day with lot of opportunities for new learning. Learning not only means doing academics in schools, colleges etc… or doing courses related to any particular subject. We can’t put learning inside a box and covering it. It is like watering a plant, make it grow into a tree and harvesting its fruits. By sowing a seed we can’t get fruits in the same day, Learning is not a single day process. It grows gradually as we grow.

Why to learn?, What to learn?, How to learn and Where to learn?...!
Vision is in the eyes of the beholders.  Likewise learning is in the way, how we observe the things that is happening around us. Apple falling down from an Apple tree is a natural thing, the way how Einstein looked in to it, made him in to a well renowned scientist.  Observe, Analyze and Apply are the key mantra for learning. The ways of learning are by hearing, listening and reading.

Learning makes a man genius. It will improve his problem solving capacity. Learning is the best source of knowledge. Nowadays advancement is internet technology make us to analyze the solution for most of the things happening around us.

Simple exercise to improve our learning skills by simple examples:
Observe: We have to observe the things happening around us like an Eagle looking its prey from sky. Einstein observe the Apple fall from its tree.

Analyze: We have to analyze why such things are happening. Einstein analyzed why apple is falling down instead of flying high.

Apply: We have to apply the things what we have observed and analyzed. Einstein applied what he observed and analyzed with gravitational theory.

Do Blogging…!
Sharing is caring. Gained knowledge should be shared else it will be wasted. For that if we go on telling all the people what we were learned, it will make them bore and make them to get anger. This is where blogging has its part.  The one who is seeking the knowledge which you had will visit your blog and gain knowledge from you. All the knowledge what we are getting from Internet is from someone’s learning.

What is Blogging?..!
Blogging is a medium in internet in which one can post articles in the niche which he/she has gained the knowledge.  Here we are not going to see technical side of blogging. we will see what to blog and how to blog.

What to Blog?...!
One can blog whatever he/she has knowledge. It may be their cooking knowledge, their technical or it can even be their views on particular topic or even they can blog their creative stories.

How to Blog?...!
For this one should have basic internet using knowledge. There are many blogging platforms are available. One among the blogging platform is blogger and it’s free.  We have to register in Blogger and have to post our articles. Users will visit our blog based on their interest through search engines.  We can also promote our blog in various social media’s like Facebook, Twitter etc.

3 Basic things to consider while Blogging:
  • Our blog should adapt to a particular niche.
  • Topics of our blog article should be of unique.
  • The article we are posting should not be copied from any other source.

Do Earning…!
Everyone will be happy if their attained knowledge were appreciated. How will they fell if their attained knowledge gets them some money?. Yeah, by sharing knowledge through blogging we can earn some money by putting ads in our blogs using Adsense or any other ad networks. Apart from that we can also promote product in our blog which are related to our blog articles. Even we can promote our creative products like our Drawing, Our own written books etc…

Don’t do blogging only as a medium to earn. By blogging you are helping someone who is in need.

Enjoy Learning, Enjoy Blogging and Enjoy Earning…!

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