Top 5 Superlative Places for Movie Shooting in India...!

Movies are the best source of entertainment for most of the people belonging to the present and the upcoming nation. The movies attract audience depending upon their genre which may vary over a wide range. Although the story of the movie is the most essential factor for a movie to be born, the shooting location too is of primary importance because along with the story and the characters involved, the scenic beauty or the relevancy of the background is of immense importance for a movie to flourish completely. Thus, the directors have specifically been to the mentioned top 5 shooting places in India to give their script an authentic touch.

1. Leh & Ladakh

Leh & Ladakh
Photo by _paVan_, CC BY 2.0

Leh and Ladakh are the two paradises in India. When the sunrays touch the silvery mountain peaks and set the now-covered peaks on fire, the reflection of that majestic natural phenomenon get captured on the surface of the deep, blue lake. Be it during the day when the dry landscape sets a blazing hue or at night when the soothing light of the moon instills romanticism in the air automatically, Leh and Ladakh are the two premier locations that the film directors do not miss out in India. From Sanam Re to 3 Idiots to JabTak Hai Jaan to LOC Kargil to Lakhshya, the film directors have left no stone upturned to capture each and every gorgeous moment of the heavenly land. To plan your trip to Ladakh with your friends, check:

2. Kashmir

Photo by Kashmir Pictures, CC BY 2.0

Kashmir offers a beautiful ambiance for shooting in India. Be it rowing in the houseboats on the Daal Lake or sliding down the snow-covered mountain slopes or plucking luscious apples from the orchards, Kashmir offers a superb view all the year round. Perhaps this is the primary reason why 22 Bollywood films such as Highway, Rockstar, Student of the Year, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Kashmir Ki Kali, Roja, Mission Kashmir and others have been shot in Kashmir itself. To explore Kashmir in its full glory, plan your itinerary accordingly:

3. Kolkata

Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is a city that is rich in heritage. This city is flanked by the spectacular British architecture in the central part, the primitive native architecture in the northern part and the modern infrastructure in the southern part. Thus, this immense variety in terms of culture and architecture along with the eye-catching Howrah Bridge and the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata has been on the list of shooting locations in India with movies being shot such as Piku, Barfi, Teen, Yuva, Gunday and many more.

4. Udaipur

Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA 2.0

Udaipur is an iconic city when it comes to shooting in a palace in India. Be it historical or be it the shot for the great Indian wedding, the City Palace of Udaipur has always been in the limelight even internationally. Films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Ram Leela, The Cheetah Girls: One Worlds, Octopussy and others have made a significant mark in the hearts of movie-lovers all over the world because of the superb architecture of the palace and has made Udaipur a concrete choice for the film directors.

5. Mumbai

Photo by Arian Zwegers, CC BY 2.0

This is the premier location for shooting in India when it comes to both the Bollywood and the Hollywood industry. The city of Mumbai has a peculiar touch of the societal structure that ranges from the slum-dwellers to the middle-class and the millionaires. Because of the vast dimension in terms of the social strata, Mumbai offers a unique blend in the culture and the architecture. The films which focus on the common day-to-day life are often shot in Mumbai for a real and authentic cinematography. Thus, Mumbai was, Mumbai is and Mumbai always will be the one of the topmost locations for shooting in India like in the case of the films like Slumdog Millionaire, Dhobi Ghat, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, The Lunchbox, Fan and many more. To know more about tourist places in Mumbai, see:

Thus, due to the rich and varied culture in India, many of the films are shot in India with pride. These films move on to become superhit and award-winning movies too, thereby, proving how precious our nation is in terms of both beauty and bounty.

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