5 Jaw dropping Locations for Bungee Jumping in India...!

Bungee Jumping

Photo by Graham Campbell, CC BY-SA 2.0

This post is for all those people who are either adrenaline junkies or are looking to overcome their bungee jumping fears by finally biting the bullet. We have a very good news! With adventure tourism slowly gaining traction in India, we have now developed many spots for bungee jumping and they are quickly becoming popular! Here is a list of all the places in the country that you can head to for a breathtaking experience.

1. Rishikesh

The most favorable spot for bungee jumping in the country, it is the only place in India where there is a fixed platform for bungee, all other spots have crane jumping. At about 83m above the ground, a cantilever podium has been built to facilitate the jump. Built over a rocky cliff, it is the highest point for bungee jumping in India and will surely fire you up! Head to Jumping Heights in Mohan Chatti village for the experience of a lifetime. Also, they have deployed high safety measures and have a very experienced staff which has been trained in New Zealand. Each jump costs Rs. 2,500 per person.

2. Bangalore

Bungee was first introduced to Bangalore by Ozone, a sports club. The jump is now organized in Kanteerava Stadium in the city. The jump here is assisted by a crane. The equipment is fastened to a 130ft crane but the jump is only done from a height of 80ft. They have a highly qualified and professional staff. The machinery is very safe and adequate instructions are given to every jumper before taking the plunge. Very popular in Bangalore and neighboring areas, the cost per person per jump here is Rs. 400.

3. Delhi

Delhiites have much to cheer about, as after a long wait bungee jumping has finally arrived to their city! Organized by Wanderlust in Greater Kailash 2, this is also a crane jump. All the equipment has been attached to a 130ft crane. Their staff has been trained in Germany and all the machinery has been imported from Japan. They say they take high safety measures. After a successful jump, you get a ‘I did it’ t-shirt and cap from them as well as a certificate confirming that you successfully completed the jump. The price per person per jump here is Rs. 1,500.

4. Goa

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India not only for its party culture and vibrant lifestyle but also for its adventure sports. Located near the Arjuna beach and organized by Gravity zone, the bungee jump here is very well-known. Since the height here is only 25ft it is highly recommended for first timers. Gravity zone has made a permanent tower to aid the jump and charge Rs. 500 per person per jump.

5. Lonavala

Lonavala, located midway between Mumbai and Pune, is one of the favorite getaways of the people residing there. Blessed with scenic views and a very pleasant weather, many also visit Lonavala to experience the thrill of a bungee jump. One needs to visit Della Adventures, an adventure park to do the jump. Each jump lasts for a span of 7-10 minutes and the equipment has been appended to a 150ft. crane. They also provide a certificate upon completion of the jump. Hailed as one of the safest spots for bungee jumping in India, each jump costs Rs. 2,500 per person.
We know that your adrenaline must be pumping and your heart must be racing to encounter this adventure after reading our article! So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the rush and we hope that you have a very safe and dumbfounding experience.

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The author of this article, Rohit Agarwal, is not only a famed architect but also a traveler, adventure sport lover, foodie and explorer. He frequently takes time out from his busy schedule to fulfil his heart’s desire to travel and try different things. He loves to share all that he has learnt and experienced at different places. He writes on TransIndiaTravels.com.

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