Using Miranda For Olark Online Chat...!

Olark - Miranda

Olark is a live online customer support functionality provided by Olark.Com for your website. It recommends to use Pidgin messenger. This is a simple tutorial to provide live customer support for your website visitors using Miranda messenger and Olark live customer support.

Register in Olark.Com.
  1. Select the theme for your website live chat support.
  2. Install the code provided for your website into your website (Just copy paste the code befoe </body> tag).

Download Miranda.
  1. Install Miranda.
  2. Click Miranda icon in the Miranda application.
  3. Click account and press + sign to add new account.
  4. Enter account name as your Olark username .
  5. Protocol is jabber. Internet account name for your account is optional and then click ok.
  6. Then click your newly created account and fill the account information.
  7. Type secure XMPP network.
  8. Username - Olark Username.
  9. Domain/Server is
  10. Password - Enter olark password and check save password.
  11. Then in status go to your account and make it online.

Now you can chat with your site visitors using Miranda.

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