How To Start Your Free Web Hosting Company…!

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Here you are going to learn how to start your free hosting company and the ways to earn from that without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Your hosting company will provide:

10 Gb memory space, 100 Gb bandwidth, 10 Addon and Parked domains. Script installer for popular CMS  like Wordpress, Joomla etc…! for your clients.

1. Register a free domain for your hosting company with Dot.Tk. While registering select custom DNS and enter custom DNS as below:
2. Then register with Myownfreehost for your free reseller account to your Dot.Tk registered domain.
3. Wait for 24 hours with in that time period you will get a confirmation mail stating that your reseller account has been created.
4. After that visit you registered domain to see how your hosting company website looks like.
5. The details for your site backend will be provided with the mail you get.
6. Then your site visitors can register in your site for their free hosting account.

That’s all enjoy….!

How to earn with this reseller account?...!

Your reseller panel consists of advert panel in that you can use your Adsense or any other ad network ad codes. These ads will be appears in your client site. You can earn from that.

It will take 24 hours for your ads to appear on your client sites.

We have started our free hosting company Hostmonk. We kindly request our visitors to get benefit from our free hosting service.

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