Using Nimbuzz chat And Its Room Chat In Miranda Im…!

Nimbuzz Miranda

Nimbuzz is one of the famous chat clients for mobile users. Through this we can chat with our friends in various networks like Facebook, Gmail etc…

Normally a Mobile application Like Bombus is use by Nimbuzz chat room owners to create affiliation for their room users like admin, member etc.

Miranda is also use for that purpose. It’s a well know jabber client. It is also called Bombus for PC. Through this we can also access Nimbuzz room chat. It is light weight when compared to other jabber client and work fines in old system also.

Download Miranda.
  1. Install Miranda.
  2. Click Miranda icon in the Miranda application.
  3. Click account and press + sign to add new account.
  4. Enter account name as your Nimbuzz username.
  5. Protocol is jabber. Internet protocol for your for your account is optional and then click ok.
  6. Then click your newly created account and fill the account information.
  7. Type secure XMPP network.
  8. Username - Nimbuzz username.
  9. Domain/Server is
  10. Password - Enter Nimbuzz password and check save password.
  11. Check use custom connection host. Host name is and click ok.
  12. Then in status go to your account and make it online.

How to Enter Nimbuzz chat room in Miranda?...
  1. Make your account online.
  2. Click Miranda icon in application -> Services and Then click create or join group.
  3. Conference server is
  4. In room enter your desired Nimbuzz  room name.
  5. Password should be your Nimbuzz id password.
  6. Then click ok.

Now enjoy Nimbuzz chat in your PC. In these even admin id can login and join room.

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