Penguin and Panda Change the Digital Landscape...!

Penquin And Panda

‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ Change the Digital Landscape
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With the recent Google updates, Penguin and Panda are already making waves among the SEO firms all across the world. There are hundreds of organizations across the world which, are proud to be known as an SEO Company. With each one claiming to be the best in the industry, it becomes tough to choose the right one. It is highly discouraging to see how most of the Search engine optimizations are being handled even after strict rules and policy introductions from Search engines. It appears that the new update from Google has hardly affected these SEO firms, as they are still risking their client’s reputation online, by continuing to practice dodgy techniques to enhance or boost web page ranking on search engines. Unfortunately, by doing so they are going to be directly affecting their page ranking and they might be heavily penalized by Google too.

An Experienced and professional SEO firm will ensure that they follow the Google guidelines and correct themselves as soon as possible to avoid Google penalties. However, if not taken care of, this could end up on a serious note, where a web page can be black listed by the search engine. Good SEO companies will usually stay away from doing anything which is against the rules. If your website has been recently experiencing low traffic and showing other signs of being penalized for bad or irrelevant content, it might be just the time to look for an experienced SEO company who can fix this up for you.

Most of the SEO firms are well aware that Google Panda update has been launched to have a closer look at the spammers and penalize them. The idea is to enhance the working of the search engine with quality and genuine links for the internet users. Earlier most of SEO companies used to practice key word stuffing to improve ranking but now, it will not be the case. The over stuffing of keywords will not work at all, in fact, if you are not careful enough it might lead to bad ranking and you might lose whatever little you enjoyed in terms of ranking or visibility. If you have been doing a bit of research on the updates and the Search engine optimization, do take a look at the top ranked websites and explore new ideas, be inspired and try to implement the things that may work for you.

As Search Engine optimization is time consuming work so most of the people hire experienced SEO Company to handle their online presence and reputation. If you are working on the Search Engine Optimization yourself then avoid plagiarism, develop good healthy back links, keep your website clean of bad links and bad / irrelevant content. Keeping these basic points as initial reference can help you a great deal.

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