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Social Networking plays a very important role in our day to day modern life. There are various social networks which is made for themselves & they get profit because of its members.

Recently we came to know about a new social network name Zurker. It is expected to be the giant of future social networking. Its follow the democracy policy i.e. for the people and by the people. All the content in Zurker are owned by its owners and they are also its share holders. All the member are the owners of the Zurker.  Now it is in beta state. Zurker share are virtual share as of now and they are called Vshares. Once the site goes live all virtual shares become real shares.

What we like in Zurker are:

Every thing is open
Concept for sharing their share with its members.
Members can give suggestions & ideas regarding the features.
Direct bug report system.
Membership possibilities only through refferals.
Innovative idea.

Its is in beta so it may have bugs. When it comes live there is the chance for us to become a share holder in the reputed social network. Lets join and be a part of new social networks. Which is expected to be a future of social networking.

Join ZURKER now.

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