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Many of us know is offering free domain with extension .tk eg:
In this tutorial we see how to map blogger to .tk domain.

1. Go to

2. Search for your domain name availability.

3. Register if for 12 months by registering the site or using your gmail, facebook etc.

4. After register login to website.

5. In that click go to domains.

6. In domain panel click modify domain for the domain you want to map with blogger.

7. Then check Dot TK DNS Service

8. Select A records in the type menu. Create A records with following IP some IP may not work. If one IP works that's enough.

9. Host name should be Don't  include www before.

10. Then create a CNAME  in type with host name (www has to be included here). IP addresses  should . Click save changes. Now you mapped your domain for blogger, then we have to point this domain to .

11. Login to your blogger account.

12. Select your blog and go to settings. In the basic settings look for publishing.

13. In that click adda custom domain. Then click switch to advance settings.

14. In that text box after http:// enter your .TK registered domain name and save.

15. Again do the same from step 11 till step 13.

16.  Before proceeding the step 14 check redirect the url check box and save.

17. Wait for 1 hour.

18.Now type your domain in your browser you will see that your .tk domain will point to your blogger.

Everthing is done. Enjoy.
If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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