How To Get Free Jio Caller Tune…!

Jio is offering an affordable low cost mobile network for Indian mobile users. Here we are going to see how to utilize their free caller tune service for your Jio number. Caller tune is the music/song what the caller hears when they call us instead of ringtone. Let’s see how to enable and setup free Jio caller tune.

Send SMS from your Jio number to 56789 with the test JT. Then the Jio caller tune will get activate for your Jio number.

How to select songs:

  • Based on Song: SMS song name (upto 40 Chars) to 56789
  • Based on Movie: SMS MOVIE-space-Movie Name to 56789
  • Based on Album: SMS ALBUM-space-Movie Name to 56789
  • Based on Singer: SMS SINGER-space-Singer Name to 56789

Alternate Method To Select Caller Tune Songs:

Install Jio Music app and Set son as Jio Caller Tune in the Menu and in the Now Playing section.

Note: Caller Tune validity is for 30 days and then you have to activate it again using the same procedure. All the songs are not available to set as Caller Tune. Comment below, if you came across any other method to set Jio caller Tune for your Jio number

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