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Recently we came across an interesting site offering free embedded contact form for websites. This is a small review of their online form tool. We hope this is the one of the best online form tool for available over internet. Using their service we can create any types of forms including survey forms.

The contact form provider is Jotform.

  1. It is not merely an contact form , it can also able to create various online forms like registration form, booking form etc.
  2. Lots of templates are available for various purposes.
  3. Forms can be design simply by drag and  drop.
  4. The main thing is they are ad and brand free. So its difficult for our site visitors to find its an embedded form from an other website.
  5. It allows us to customize the form by adding custom CSS to match with our website design.
  6. In Jotform we can modify the error messages as per our needs.
  7. Unlike other embedded forms it will not redirect to their page and we can also edit how thank you  message should appear.
  8. It also has upload options for various type of files like .doc, .pdf etc.
  9. It has both free and pay membership.
  10. It also as captcha option and we can also use recapcha along with their forms.
  11. It also supports  various payment tools like paypal, google checkout etc.
  12. Even we can create our forms with out registering in their website as a guest.
Limitations for free account.
  1. Free account permit only 100 submissions per month.
  2. Upload size is limited to 100mb.
Click Here for your free form.

We personally think this will be a best choice for websites looking for free and payed forms. Mainly it will help the webmasters hosting their website in blogger / blogspot to have a professional contact form.

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